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Logging In

If you, or your company, do not yet subscribe to Perspective, please call our helpdesk on 0800 980 1332 to discuss your requirements. If your company subscribes to Perspective but you do not have an account, please email to request access.

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  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using this link: (Please note: if you do not receive a password reset email within about 20 minutes, please check your junk folder and, if it’s not there, please call 0800 980 1332)

Training Materials & User Guide

Training Videos

We’ve created a series of bite‐sized training videos to help you use Perspective. If you’ve got a query about how to use a particular feature, or something is not working as you think it should, there will probably be a quick video on how it works.
Click here to browse the training videos on offer.


If you would like to arrange a Perspective training session please click here to find out the types of training on offer or email with your training requirements.

In Brief User Guide

“Perspective In Brief” gives a quick overview of all the main features of Perspective. It is designed to act as a refresher for users who have already attended a Perspective training session.
Perspective – In Brief User Guide

Mouse mats

Our Perspective mouse mat is a handy crib‐sheet for the basic features and Time Travel views. Contact us to obtain mouse mats or print this PDF if you can’t wait for the post.
Perspective Mouse Mat

What’s on Perspective?

With over 25,000 documents on Perspective, you’d be forgiven for not knowing everything we’ve got on the system.
For a brief overview of the types of documents we carry please follow the link below.
Content in Brief

Hints, Tips & FAQs

We’ve collated some useful tips and tricks about using Perspective. We regularly add new hints and tips, and these are announced on our News Service.
Perspective Tips

Alert Emails

Signing up for Alert Emails

You can sign up to our News Alerts or Document Alerts, using this link. Our News Service summarises the day’s pension news, keeping you up‐to‐date with what’s
happening in the world of pensions.

Release Notes & Known Issues

For a list of important changes and known issues please follow the link below.
Release Notes and Known Issues


If you are still having problems using Perspective please email or call us on 0800 980 1332 and we can talk you through any issues you may be experiencing.

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