Who We Are

Pendragon is a specialist information provider dedicated to supplying legal and regulatory information to the pensions industry through its unique service, Perspective.

Pendragon has developed Perspective with the help of key professionals from the pensions industry, who helped us to understand how they work and what they want. Pendragon is a publishing company for the UK pensions industry designed and conceived by the industry.

Subscribers include all leading pension law firms, benefit consultants and consulting actuaries, Government departments, trade organisations, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, product providers, pension administrators, pension trustees and a number of the major pension funds.

In the summer of 2016, Pendragon acquired The Guide for Pension Trustees – a practical and reliable service for trustees, scheme managers and those responsible for pensions at companies. The content is regularly updated online by new author Kevin LeGrand, immediate past President of the Pensions Management Institute, making it an indispensable resource for those seeking up-to-date information on the issues affecting their scheme(s).

The Art of Pensions competition is run by Pendragon and offers some light-hearted distraction to those working in the pensions industry. Pendragon is a Wilmington Publishing & Information Ltd business — a dynamic specialist provider of business information across a variety of industry sectors.

The annual competition, which began in 2003, is open to all pensions professionals who are invited to submit an illustration or comment on the subject of pensions on a postcard. Each year the entries are exhibited online and at the Professional Pensions Show with members of the industry voting for their favorites.

What’s on Perspective

Acts and Bills

Acts of Parliament, either in their entirety or with pensions-specific provisions only. We also publish every Bill that precedes any Act that you find on Perspective.

Statutory Instruments

Statutory Instruments (including Scottish Statutory Instruments), Explanatory Memoranda and Draft Statutory Instruments.

Public Sector Scheme shortcuts

We have added a helpful shortcut so you can skip straight to some of the key documents governing pensions for various public sector schemes (eg Local Government, Police, NHS).

Regulatory Materials

This extensive collection of regulatory materials includes HMRC Tax Manuals, TPR Codes of Practice, Accounting Standards and Guidance from a wide range of Government and other bodies.

European Union Materials

Treaties, Directives and other documents relating to pensions.

Law Reports

The PBLR series is provided by Robin Ellison and covers not just UK and European cases but also select cases from foreign jurisdictions.

Pensions Ombudsman Service

This collection has the full text of over 6000 determinations along with guidance and commentary.

Parliamentary Materials

Hansard proceedings relating to the passage of Bills through Parliament, statements, debates, written answers and Committee meetings are all featured here.

Reports, Consultations, etc

This is where you will find an extensive collection of reports and consultation documents from a wide range of Government and other bodies.


Provided by key players in the pensions industry, our commentary can help keep you abreast of new developments and opinion.

Other Scheme Rules

The scheme rules for Civil Service Pensions, NEST and the DWP Hybrid Schemes Quality Requirement Rules can all be found here.

Statistics and other Pensions Reference Materials

If you want to know the current RPI, CPI or bank base rate figures, head over to Statistics. You will also find ‘Pensions Fundamentals – A Guide to Pensions’, which is exclusive to Perspective and provides a broad background to a range of pension topics.


Subscribers to our news service will be familiar with PensionSurveys, but they are also included on Perspective as fully searchable documents.


In addition to receiving daily news alerts by email, you can also use Perspective to browse or search across all our news articles from 1997 to the current date.

Your Own Documentation

You can speak to us about adding your own information to Perspective (eg scheme rules, reports, handbooks, communications).

Why you need Perspective


Minimise Risk

Can you afford to make a wrong decision or give incorrect advice in an area as technically complex as UK pensions? Minimise the risk and be confident in your research by using Perspective.


Save Time and Money

Perspective frees pensions professionals from a time-consuming research effort so they can concentrate on giving advice. The easy-to-use system provides immediate access to relevant materials.


Enjoy Added Value

Perspective’s unique functionality has been designed and conceived with the pensions industry. Access a comprehensive range of up-to-date documents within seconds, with historic and annotated versions just a click away.


Join Our Community

Highly valued by its users, Perspective can be found in the offices of most major advisors, Government departments and regulators, as well as a growing range of pension funds and financial institutions. Use Perspective to share information with clients and colleagues with ease.


Access Knowledge Anywhere

Our new online system allows you to use Perspective wherever and whenever you need it.

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